Wednesday 7 May 2014

CCP China & Ourselves 18.2-3

In this issue, the editor begins with a tribute in memory of Dr. Katharine Boehner Hockin, highlighting her life and work in China, and provides some short news updates on China and the CCP. In honour of Hockin, two pieces of hers are excerpted: “Servants of God in People’s China” (1962) and “Some Random Missiological Musing” (1983).  It then features reflections on the life and witness of Dr. Hockin from Church officials in China (Nanjing Theological Seminary, Theresa Chu in Shanghai) and Canada (family and colleagues). It then provides a review by Siu May Kuo on a biography on the life of Dr. Hockin by May Rose Donnelly and Heather Dau. The issue proceeds with a text introducing Bishop Shen Yifan, including his education, work and publications. It features an extensive paper by Bishop Shen, titled “Religious Liberty: A Chinese Perspective.” It contains an extensive report by Cao Shen-jie (first published in 1985) on the process of editing a new Chinese hymnal, which is part of the self-propagating mission of the Chinese church. A report is given of a visit of a delegation of six members of the China Christian Council from May 17th to June 21st. The issue concludes with a series of news vignettes for the Catholic Church in China.

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